The history of the Company:

Agro-Industrial Complex of Rugombo "RUGOFARM" in acronym ; is an Agri-food company known legally in Burundi. It was created in 1991 and its mission is the production of essential oils and their derivatives, promotion of the agri-food industry, farming of small and large livestock and agriculture.

The vision of the company:

RUGOFARM is fixed as a vision for the organic production and zero waste in all of its agro-industrial sector ; the improvement of relations with customers,suppliers and partners in the perspective of mobilizing workers,employees and the shareholders to actively participate in the fight against poverty in families in order to achieve a sustainable development of the burundian society.

The mission of the company:

The main mission of RUGOFARM is to produce essential oils and their derivatives as well as the promotion of agri-food industry which is spread over the area of 1.507 ha. The company aims mainly the fight against poverty, the creation of employment and the promotion of youth entrepreneurship and rural women.

Objectives of the society :

RUGOFARM has the general objective :
Improve the socio-economic situation of the company through the production of essential oils and their derived products as well as the agri-food industry. However,it has set the following specific objectives :

  1. Generate revenue for the company through diversification of its industrial products for the well-being of employees and various partners.
  2. Generate income of the rural population by the export of high value-added products.